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Stadium Concrete Seats

What we offer


Gas Suction Service

We provide gas suction service with a focus on HVAC gases to reduce waste and environmental impact, maximize product and time utilization.


Service excellence

We execute our service at the agreed working site with our mobilized unit which is designed with safety and time efficiency as top priorities. 

Business Meeting

Cost-effective solution

We emphasize on efficient planning, optimized equipment, well-trained technicians, and preventive maintenance program, altogether we can achieve our clients' desired outcome, while minimizing costs and maximizing value for money.

Construction site

Safety guaranteed

To ensure safety during the gas suction process, specialized equipment and trained technicians are used. The technicians are trained to handle different types of gases and understand the associated risks.

They also use specialized tools and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to prioritize safety concern.


Engineering Solution Service

covers the entire project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and conceptual design to detailed engineering, procurement and construction. We also offer specialized services such as process optimization, technology evaluation, and risk assessment, as well as training and support for our clients.

Industrial Smoke

Environmental Solutions

Industrial dust-filtering system

Industrial deodorizing system

Gas recovery system


Agricultural Solutions

Smart farming systems

  • Automatic watering, fertilizing and bio-technology system

Global network control system

Industrial Designer

Customized Solutions

Send us your inquiries for business solution! 

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